Intro to Flats Fishing

hooked tarpon leaps from waterHey everyone, Capt. Eric here. Just wanted to give you an overview of flats fishing from my perspective. As I’m writing this, I realize that Chelsea(babysitter)is going to be here any minute. She’s filling in so I can go down to the boat to do some work. I have the boat looking and working really well. The “power pole” is working, added a switch to the platform. The “toe-rail” I broke last year I finally replaced. Added a casting platform for those needing a higher perch to see fish better. Also replaced the seal around the cooler so it holds ice longer. I’m going down to put on some grab handles for when were “running” from spot to spot. I also need to fix a broken rod and push pole. This is just a lil insight on what I do while not on the water.

Flats fishing can be the most challenging and rewarding types of fishing an angler can do.  The word “Flats” pertains to the shallow water areas created by turtle grass, sand, limestone and other various ocean bottom.

Permit held over grassy flats by angler

Fish like tarpon, permit and bonefish  are “on” or around the flats for a couple of reasons.  One reason is for food.  Shrimp, baitfish and other crustaceans call the flats home. Where there’s baitfish or crustaceans there’s usually game fish are not far away.  Another reason game fish choose to congregate around the flats, is due to water temperature.  The warmer the water the less energy they need to conserve.  The less energy they need to conserve results in more active feeding.

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