Channel Fishing and a 75lb Lemon Shark on the Flats

We were able to get out on the water a few days this week. We mostly “channel fished” due to weather conditions. We had heavy cloud cover with unseasonable rain storm. The fish didn’t seem to mind the weather. Either did Dale and Sherry from Saskatchwan, Canada. They told me it was -20 and they already had 3′ of snow.

lemon shark on the flats

Dale landed a 75lb Lemon shark, which is his biggest fish landed to date. Had plenty of action with the trout, jacks, sharks and lady fish. The big barracudas also seem to want to play. Red fish have been seen or caught on a pretty regular basis down here. In years past I would have a “shot” at a Red here or there. In the last couple of years here in Key West, the Red fish presence has been growing in numbers.

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