About Your Flats Guide

Originally from Michigan, I grew up with my three brothers fishing, boating, skiing and a bunch of other outdoor stuff. After graduating high school, I went to school at night and worked during the day as a mechanical designer. Realizing engineering wasn’t for me, I decided to head south for the sun and the laid back lifestyle. The Florida Keys are a unique set of islands right here in our home country. The way of life down here is a li’l slower, a bit weirder and definitely does not feel like part of mainland Florida. When my girlfriend and I leave for vacation we are always excited to come home to the keys (I never felt that way anywhere else).

I have been fishing the keys since 2001 and am a USCGC captain. I love the many different types of fish and fishing that the Keys have to offer. I have also been a fishing guide in Alaska and the Virgin Islands. Although both are beautiful places with great fishing, fishing in the Florida Keys ranks #1 on my list. I also love the fact that I get to spend my days on the water catching fish with people from all around the world. I’m often asked “what do you do on your days off?” Fishing is a way of life for me. I spend most of my days “off” either fishing, doing tackle and boat maintenance, tying flies or anything else related to fishing. I love the saying of “Who is catching Who?” Because I know I’ve been caught by the passion for fishing.